The Road to Murder Chapter One

cover picture of the 4th Camilla Trinchieri Tuscan Mystery—shows a narrow road lined with tall cypress trees

The fourth in the Tuscan Mystery series by Camilla Trinchieri. Publish date: March 5, 2024. Look for it as a Hardback and on Audible.



Gravigna, a small town in the Chianti Hills of Tuscany

             A Monday in April, 5:05 A.M.



Nico’s cold feet searched under the bed covers for Nelli’s warm ones, found them, and dropped back into his dream.  In the adjacent room a cellphone started to ring, heard only by OneWag, curled up on the sofa. The dog raised his head seeking the source of the persistent sound.  The thing on the table. He allowed himself a low growl of protest. He’d been chasing rabbits. The ringing continued. No one was coming to answer. OneWag jumped down, padded over to the bedroom door and pushed it open with a vigorous thrust of his snout.

            The louder ringing finally woke Nelli. She lifted herself up on one elbow and nudged Nico’s back. “Wake up, your phone is ringing.”

Nico hugged his pillow. “Mmmm, no. Yours.”

“Wrong. Mine’s right here by the bedside table.”  She glanced at the clock radio and started shaking Nico’s shoulder. “Get up, Nico. It’s five in the morning. It must be important.”

Nico mumbled, “It’s some joker having fun.”

“You’re impossible.” Nelli started to climb over him to get to the phone.

Nico pushed her back. “I’ll go. I’ll go.” He gave her a quick kiss on the nose and grunted out of bed. Yesterday’s mind-blowing meal was still sitting heavily on his stomach, and he took his time reaching the phone.

Seeing Nico, OneWag wagged his tail in greeting but was ignored. Miffed, he jumped back on the sofa and gave Nico his back. The ringing stopped just as Nico picked the phone off the table. He rubbed his eyes to read. Missed call. Great. Back to sleep. As he turned back, the ringing resumed.  Perillo’s name gave Nico a jolt. He swiped. “What’s wrong?”

“I need your help.”

“Are you okay?”

“Just fine. For the past twenty minutes I’ve been standing with a dead woman at my feet and an alive English one who doesn’t speak Italian.”

“Do you want me to talk to her?”


Nico heard Perillo say in strongly accented English, “Signora Barron, my friend speak English.” A strong female voice declared, “Thank God for small mercies,” followed by the sound of soft footsteps, and Perillo’s phone changing hands.

“Sir, what has happened to my friend is an abomination. I will not say anymore until we can speak in person.”


PRAISE for The Road to Murder

“Most enjoyable. The Road to Murder takes the reader to Tuscany, where the scenery, the culture, and the food of that most beautiful part of Italy are as important as the main protagonists. Join the American expat detective as he solves this latest mystery. Warning: reading this will make you hungry.”
—T. A. Williams, author of the Armstrong and Oscar murder mysteries

“When la dolce vita in the Chianti region of Italy is interrupted by the murder of a wealthy widow, former NYPD homicide detective Nico Doyle joins the local carabinieri to get to the bottom of the crime in this fourth installment in Trinchieri’s delightful series that deftly serves up the warmth and spirit of Tuscany—along with family secrets, stolen jewels, and justice.”
—Stephanie Cole, author of the Tuscan Cooking School mysteries 

"Such a pleasure to lose oneself in Camilla Trinchieri's The Road to Murder, an expertly crafted whodunnit with a vivid cast of characters to enjoy almost as much as Nico Doyle's mouthwatering dishes. Another welcome visit to Chianti in the company of the ex-NYPD detective and his loyal hound. One to savour.”
—Tom Benjamin, author of the Bologna-set Daniel Leicester mysteries 

Trinchieri keeps the food, wine, and sumptuous descriptions of the Italian countryside flowing, and she offers a surprising yet satisfying resolution to the central mystery. This will satiate armchair sleuths and armchair travelers alike.Publisher's Weekly

“Over the years, Trinchieri’s portrait of Gravigna has both broadened and deepened. Nico, accompanied by his faithful dog, OneWag, has evolved from a widowed newcomer to a beloved member of the community. Much of the action in this installment centers on local restaurants and watering holes . . . A leisurely cozy with an Italian accent and a mouth-watering lust for cuisine.”—Kirkus Reviews

PRAISE for the Tuscan Mystery series

“Just the ticket for anyone wanting to escape to Bella Italia with an engaging and entertaining mystery.”—David Hewson, author of the bestselling Nic Costa series and The Garden of Angels

“With a simpatico protagonist, a cast of sometimes quirky characters, and the ever-present aromas of Tuscan dishes, what’s not to like?”—David P. Wagner, author of the Rick Montoya Italian Mystery series

“If Agatha Christie had been Italian, she might’ve written a mystery like The Bitter Taste of Murder . . . This novel has a beautifully delicious, celebratory ending that made me want to return to Italy in the next installment of Camilla Trinchieri’s expertly written Tuscan Mystery series.”Gumshoe Review

“Lush with descriptions of wine country and filled with fascinating details of life in Italy, Murder in Chianti is the perfect read for all seeking an outdoors escape through fiction.”—CrimeReads

“[A] vibrant mystery . . . Enticing descriptions of food and wines, an introspective protagonist with an unusual background, and an intricate plot that weaves its way amid past peccadillos combine to make this a winner. Readers will eagerly await Trinchieri’s next.”—Publishers Weekly

Trinchieri makes crime solving adventuresome, fun, and flavorful. [The third was] the best in the series so far. Bring on number four.”Publishers Weekly

“An engaging procedural that introduces a delightful cast readers will want to spend more time with . . . The solution Trinchieri provides will surprise and satisfy.”Kirkus Reviews

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