Camilla Trinchieri

US Author Camilla Trinchieri, Photo by Vassili Spiropoulos, Italy, 2009

On Writing

I’ve often been asked why I started writing in the first place. Below is an essay, Writing My Way Home, that tries to answer that question. Perhaps it will interest you.

Writing My Way Home

Author Camilla Trinchieri

Camilla Trinchieri has published under two different names, Camilla T. Crespi and Camilla Trinchieri. Here are the books she has published under

Camilla Trinchieri:

Verso Domani
trans. Erika Bianchi

Cercando Alice
January 2010
trans. Erika Bianchi

Il prezzo del silenzio
May 2008
trans. Erika Bianchi

The Price of Silence 
Soho Press-Hard Cover, June 2007
Paperback, June 2008

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