Murder in Chianti

Murder in Chianti 

The first in the Tuscan Mystery series by mystery writer Camilla Trinchieri.


Set in the heart of Tuscan wine country…

Camilla Trinchieri’s new mystery introduces Nico Doyle, a former NYPD homicide detective who’s just looking for space to grieve when he finds himself pulled into a local murder investigation

Mourning the loss of his wife, Rita, former NYPD homicide detective Nico Doyle moves to her hometown of Gravigna in the winesoaked region of Chianti. Half-Italian and half-Irish, Nico finds himself able to get by in the region with the help of Rita’s relatives, but he still feels alone and out of place. He isn’t sure if it’s peace he’s seeking, but it isn’t what he finds. Early one morning, he hears a gunshot and a dog’s cries near his cabin and walks out to discover a dead body in the woods, flashily dressed in gold tennis shoes. When the police arrive, Nico hastily adopts the fluffy white dog as his own and wants nothing more to do with the murder. But Salvatore Perillo, the local maresciallo, discovers Nico’s professional background and enlists him to help with the case. It turns out more than one person in this idyllic corner of Italy knew the victim, and with a very small pool of suspects, including his own in-laws, Nico must dig up Gravigna’s every last painful secret to get to the truth.

Praise for Murder in Chianti

Kirkus Reviews:

The solution Trinchieri provides will surprise and satisfy.An engaging procedural that introduces a delightful cast readers will want to spend more time with. —Kirkus Reviews


A page-turning mystery with dark corners and complex, heartwarming relationships.

Publishers Weekly:

“At the start of this vibrant mystery from Trinchieri (The Breakfast Club Murder as Camilla T. Crespi), retired Bronx policeman Nico Doyle is having breakfast one morning at the run-down farmhouse he has rented near the town of Gravigna, Italy, his late wife’s hometown where he’s recently settled, when he hears a gunshot in the hills. When Nico investigates, he comes across the body of a man whose face has been obliterated by a shotgun blast. The victim’s Michael Johnson running shoes suggest he’s an American. Salvatore Perillo, the carabinieri officer who takes charge of the case, says on learning Nico was once a homicide detective: “I’ve dealt with only a single murder in my career. Holy heaven, New Yorkers must have murders every day.” Nico agrees to assist Perillo, despite his dislike of working homicides. Enticing descriptions of food and wines, an introspective protagonist with an unusual background, and an intricate plot that weaves its way amid past peccadillos combine to make this a winner. Readers will eagerly await Trinchieri’s next. (July)Publishers Weekly

In this first in a new series, Camilla Trinchieri’s debut is set in the Tuscan wine country, where a homicide detective seeking space to grieve must instead step in to help solve a local murder. Lush with descriptions of wine country and filled with fascinating details of life in Italy, Murder in Chianti is the perfect read for all seeking an outdoors escape through fiction. —MO

Apple Books Review:

Apple Best Book of July!

This light mystery ticks all the boxes: a magical Italian village setting, warm and likable characters, and a whodunit plot that unwinds like a country road. The story kicks into gear when Nico Doyle—a New York ex-cop who moves to Gravigna, home town of his beloved wife, Rita, after her death—stumbles upon a dead body in the woods behind his house. After two local Carabinieri officers enlist him to investigate the crime, Nico spends his days tending to his garden, testing recipes to introduce to the menu at his in-laws’ panoramic restaurant, and getting closer to his new neighbors, in the hopes of unearthing motive and suspect. Oh, and did we mention he does it all accompanied by a lovable stray dog? We would personally thank Camilla Trinchieri for helping us go on vacation without ever leaving home.


Amazon Best Book for Mysteries!

Library Journal:

In this small village, secrets that have been kept for decades are about to be explosively revealed . . . Trinchieri has incorporated all the elements mystery fans could want in this Italy-set whodunit: eccentric villagers who quote Dante, delectable descriptions of Italian cuisine, endless glasses of wine, and a thoroughly gripping mystery.


Two Four Star Reviews from England

First Review

I think this is going to be a new favourite novel series. Set in the wine soaked region of Chianti with various dodgy neighbours, remote yet dangerous, outsiders v inhabitants and a very interesting and retired police officer and team. How the retired detective gets a dog is one of the highlights early on. And his hame! I will leave that for you to discover.

The finding of a body causes chaos as you might imagine and much of this novel is about that investigation. The nature of the crime and this rural village really adds to the spice of the whole thing. It reminded me of Martin Walker;s Chief of police series or similar but this one had a really unique flavour to it (and no it wasn’t the chianti)

This is a gentle winding story and one I really enjoyed. More please!

Second Review

“Murder in Chianti” is a great start to a new mystery series set in Tuscany. Retired NYC homicide detective Nico Doyle has recently moved to Gravigna, her late wife’s childhood village, trying to rebuild his life with her italian family. After he discovers a body in the woods near his house, he soon finds himself pulled into the investigation by Maresciallo dei Carabinieri Salvatore Perillo and Brigadiere Daniele Donato (those two were such a great pair!)

I came into this novel expecting just another murder mystery, but found a story with such a wonderful cast of characters I already feel like I knew them from years ago. I loved the sense of community and how all of them were willing to help Nico in his new life. You know comfort food? Well, I would describe this group of italians as comfort people.

And talking about food, this book should come with a warning not to read while hungry or on a diet. So many delicious food descriptions my mouth was watering all throughout!

The mystery itself was interesting enough and gives enough red herrings to keep you changing your mind about the killer’s identity.

Nice story in a gorgeous setting with a wonderful cast of characters and some fantastic descriptions of the Italian countryside and food that has left me wanting to go back to Gravigna soon.

Author Reviews

“A Tuscan feast of old lusts and new loves, meals and murder in Chianti country with an ex-NYPD cop and a dog.” —Martin Walker, author of the internationally bestselling Bruno, Chief of Police series

 “A fine series debut! Retired detective Nico Doyle immerses himself in small-town Italian culture while helping solve a murder. Enriched with bounteous descriptions of the delectable flavors of Tuscan food and wine.” —Terry Shames, Macavity Award–winning author of the Samuel Craddock mysteries

“Engaging characters, a wonderful Tuscan setting, and a tightly plotted mystery. Like a good wine, Nico’s story starts out delicious and is sure to reveal even more complexity and nuance over time.”—SJ Rozan, bestselling author of Paper Son