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Kirkus Reviews may not let us know the name of the reviewer, but we’re very happy with this one.


“Crespi (The Trouble with a Hot Summer, 1997, etc.) describes the cooking prep so lovingly that you may start eating the pages. She’s equally affectionate in her depiction of this amiable cozy’s heroine, who’ll be irresistible to women who’ve lost a husband to a skinnier upgrade or had to make a new start in midlife.

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“Tight Standalone from Crespi”… “will keep cozy fans turning the pages”

BreakfastClubMurderFrontPublisher’s Weekly Review December 13, 2013

The Breakfast Club Murder by Camilla T. Crespi. Five Star Publishing, $25.95 (326p) ISBN 978-1-4328-2805-9

In this tight standalone from Crespi (The Trouble with a Hot Summer), the discovery of newlywed Valerie Fenwick’s body in the trunk of husband Rob Staunton’s BMW causes several citizens of Hawthorne Park, Conn., to point fingers. For the moment, Rob and his ex-wife, Lori Corvino Staunton, who assaulted Valerie two days earlier, are both on the suspects list. Lori meets with friends Beth, Margot, and Janet at the town’s old Greek coffee shop, Callie’s Place, where she enlists their support in an effort to identify the real killer. Apparently, more than one person close to Lori, including Janet’s husband, may have had good reason see Rob take the fall. Meanwhile, Lori stays focused on priorities such as protecting her 13-year-old daughter, reviving her catering business, cultivating a new love interest, and, of course, enjoying Callie’s hot apple pie. Some unexpected surprises will keep cozy fans turning the pages. (Feb.) Reviewed on 12/13/2013

Am I Trella Crespi, Camilla T. Crespi or Camilla Trinchieri?

Camilla-Trinchieri-US-AuthorI started writing because I had a personal story I wanted to tell, a Camilla Trinchieri (my real name) story that required years of research and a lot of bloodletting. I had to stop writing it when I realized I needed to travel to my birthplace, Prague, in order to continue. The visa took forever in coming and so, to keep my writing muscle in good shape, I wrote a mystery. The personal story and the mystery were very different. The former sad, serious, the mystery light and I hoped, fun. I couldn’t use the same name, but it was important for me to keep my Italian identity. For the first three books of The Trouble With mystery series, I used Trella Crespi, but at mystery conventions I couldn’t get used to people calling me Trella so when I changed publishers I became Camilla T. Crespi.

Trella Crespi retired years ago. Camilla T. Crespi is still having fun killing people, then finding the murderers. Camilla Trinchieri can kill too, but she likes to dig deeper.

Having two identities as a writer keeps me sane.

The Breakfast Club Murder


The Breakfast Club Murder by Camilla T. Crespi

In Hawthorne Park, Connecticut, Lori Corvino, a suburban, recently divorced mother, doesn’t waste time licking her wounds after her ex, Robert Staunton, Esq. quickly marries their rich and beautiful Manhattan dentist.

She has an unhappy thirteen-year-old daughter to deal with, an invasive vegan mother to keep at bay, and a catering career to bring back to life.

That’s hard enough, but then Valerie Fenwick, DDS, is murdered not far from where Lori lives just days after a nasty confrontation between the two women. Lori is the prime suspect until the two detectives on the case discover that Rob is in financial trouble and has inherited Valerie’s money.

Lori is convinced that her lily-livered, two-timing ex is not capable of murder. She’d be perfectly happy to let him rot in jail, but for the sake of her daughter Jessica, she resolves to find the real murderer with the help of her breakfast club friends.

Along the way, Lori deals with loneliness, anger, sexual hunger and the hope of finding a new love, but

she is tenacious and with the help of her friends, family and good food, the murderer doesn’t have a chance.

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